About Me

My name is Sarah Montgomery McConkie. I’ve played the piano since I was 8 years old, and I love it. I’m most recently from Farmington, Utah, and currently live in Bountiful.

After a few years of planning on being a piano performance major after high school, I had a mid-life crisis of sorts (okay, I was 18, but it was a big deal!) and decided to major in English instead. But picking a different focus of study in college didn’t mean giving up my love for piano or music in general. I’ve continued to play and accompany on both piano and organ since that time, and I still feel like I can play  most music that comes my way.

I graduated from BYU with an English degree in April 2011, just before having my daughter, Sophia. I love that I can help put my husband through school doing something I absolutely adore and that only takes me away from my baby girl for a few evening hours at a time. Piano + weddings . . . what could possibly be more fun?

If you need a pianist for a wedding reception or other event, give me a call! My prices are competitive and my musical selection is quite nice—a blend of popular and classical that creates a lovely atmosphere in any venue. If you have any songs you want me to throw into the mix (or any songs you can’t stand that you want me to steer clear of), let me know, and I can customize my selection to fit your taste and the mood of your special day.

Best of luck to you (and your lucky someone) with your wedding plans!

—Sarah McConkie * 801-682-9397 * s2mcconkie@gmail.com


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